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PROPRICER™ (An Executive Business Services, Inc. Product Suite)

PROPRICER™ is the #1 proposal pricing and cost analysis software for federal agencies and government contractors.

PROPRICER™ (An Executive Business Services, Inc. Product Suite)

For over 30 years, PROPRICER™ has been the leading proposal pricing and cost analysis software for federal agencies and small to large government contractors. PROPRICER’s proven solutions are accurate, reliable and time-saving. PROPRICER serves a wide variety of industries from Federal Agencies to Aerospace & Defense to Healthcare. Request a demo today to learn how PROPRICER can help your organization.

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  • PROPRICER Contractor Edition (CE)

    For Medium to Large Contractors:

    PROPRICER Contractor Edition (CE)Proposal teams use PROPRICER CE to efficiently create and manage accurate cost proposals. Our customers are maximizing proposal production speed and efficiency by offering these teams a secure, collaborative environment with sophisticated "What-if" capabilities and comprehensive custom reporting to meet individual proposal requirements. Summarize data by WBS, CLIN, phase, option years, work package and organization structure, to name just a few. PROPRICER CE is ready to meet any sized team at a single site or at various remote locations.

    More Information » www.propricer.com/products/contractor-edition

    PROPRICER Contractor Edition (CE)
  • PROPRICER Government Edition (GE)

    For Federal Agencies:

    PROPRICER Government (GE) helps Cost/Price Analysts execute their evaluation and award strategy by providing comprehensive IGCE functionality, contractor data visibility from multiple offerors, and extensive reporting capabilities. With costs and pricing scenarios stored in a database, evaluation teams can produce complex "What-if" scenarios, fully loaded forward-pricing rate comparisons, and sophisticated cost estimating relationships, as well as create custom reports for briefings and analysis.

    More Information » www.propricer.com/products/government-edition

    PROPRICER Government Edition (GE)
  • PROPRICER Services Contractor Edition

    This all-new proposal pricing solution was specifically designed for contractors that bid on government services contracts. PROPRICER’s product development team has consulted with many of the top services contractors to create a software solution that meets the unique needs of government services contractors while improving accuracy, eliminating redundant efforts and allowing them to get more done in less time. Services Contractor Edition is an easy-to-learn, time-saving, collaborative software solution that replaces those hard to maintain, home-grown pricing tools and error-prone spreadsheets.

    • Create blended rates for Labor Categories
    • Cap annual indirect element costs (like FICA, FUTA, SUTA, etc.)
    • Define annual work schedules for FTE conversions, accounting for holidays, PTO, etc...And much more!

    Request a demo to learn more.

    More Information » www.propricer.com/products/services-contractor-edi...

    PROPRICER Services Contractor Edition
  • PROPRICER Small Business Edition (SB)

    For Small Business Contractors:

    PROPRICER Small Business Edition (SB) includes many of the robust features and capabilities found in the full Contractor Edition, for companies who must "do more with less". PROPRICER replaces unstable, non-flexible spreadsheets with an easy-to-use cost proposal tool. PROPRICER SB organizes cost data including labor, materials, and other direct costs and allows users to update and revise offers in minutes. Compliant with FAR and DFAR business systems requirements and equipped with standard FAR reports, this is the system of choice for contractors looking to improve proposal process efficiency in the federal contracting arena.

    More Information » www.propricer.com/products/small-business

    PROPRICER Small Business Edition (SB)

  • PROPRICER Product Brochure
  • PROPRICER Contract Edition

    PROPRICER Contractor Edition (CE) is the ultimate cost proposal development solution for federal contracts. Consistently submit cost proposals that are designed to win more government contracts, while maximizing the efficiency of your proposal process—saving both time and money. More »

    PROPRICER Contract Edition


  • PROPRICER™ (An Executive Business Services, Inc. Product Suite)
    PROPRICER™ (An Executive Business Services, Inc. Product Suite)
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