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Government Service Administrators (GSA) has been helping government contractors ensure compliance and streamline costs since 1991. GSA provides consulting, compliance and administrative outsource services to many of the industry’s leading contractors.

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  • Web-Based Benefits Administration

    Simplifying Benefits Management!

    GSA Online allows employees to access and enroll, view and update their benefits on an online platform, anytime. The Platform presents information in a way that is easy to understand and aids employees in the process with plan comparison and decision support tools. HR Administrators, brokers and carrier representatives have access to a suite of tools to help them support employees and manage the enrollment process.

    More Information » www.gsanational.com/gsa-online

  • Compliance

    Government contracts are subject to stringent regulations, including ...

    • The Affordable Care Act
    • The Service Contract Act
    • The Davis Bacon Act
    • Living Wage Ordinances
    • State Prevailing Wage Laws

    Keeping in compliance with these laws can often leave a government contractor overwhelmed and confused, especially when it comes to paying the required fringe benefit.

    Employers have the choice of paying the fringe benefit as additional cash wages or providing a bona fide fringe benefit plan. Some contractors choose to pay the fringe benefit as cash in lieu, believing it’s the simplest way to comply with the law. But choosing this option is an extremely expensive way to comply because it increases their payroll burden and makes them less profitable and less competitive in the bidding process.

    More Information » www.gsanational.com/sca-compliance-overview

  • SCA Compliance Coaching and Training


    Are you Compliant? Industry experts estimate that at least 50% of Contractors are currently out of compliance. Did you know that Contractors are also subject to fines and penalties, both civil and criminal, if their subcontractors are out of compliance with the DOL requirements?

    Not knowing your duties is not a defense against compliance deficiencies! With penalties and sanctions becoming more frequent and often substantial, now is the time to put a strategic partner to work for you and your bottom line.

    GSA understands the bid implications of SCA compliance and can help you navigate the ever changing and complex compliance landscape. Let our team of compliance experts be the asset that increases your ability to submit winning proposals.

    More Information » www.gsanational.com/sca-coaching-and-training

  • Full Services Suite

    GSA has been helping government contractors ensure compliance and streamline costs since 1991. GSA prides itself on providing consulting, compliance and administrative services to help our clients succeed.

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